Market research

Understand Europe. All of it. With us.

With a 20-year background and experience, Viewpoint Europe is your reliable and competent market research provider in Germany. As an independent, owner-managed company ever since its inception, today, Viewpoint Europe prides itself on its exceptionally strong position within a European-wide network. You can find our central-location facilities in some of the most important commercial and financial centers Hamburg and Frankfurt on the Main River.

Insights that lead to the right decisions. Our service offer extends across a multitude of different industry sectors, and we take care of your B2B and B2C projects alike. We support your success with a laser precision focus and an extraordinary sense of urgency. Constant personal contact guarantees full transparency in all that we do for you. Your international projects? No problem - we manage and supervise those as well; from start to finish. This provides our clients with the confidence and the feeling of security they are looking for.

Focus on the future. It all started in Hamburg where Joachim Zeunges established the very first Viewpoint facility way back in 1995. This was soon followed by opening a second location in Germany's important metropolitan area Frankfurt on the Main River. Fast forward. Today, Viewpoint's exceptional network of independent partners across expansive western and eastern European geographies provides our clients with vast research access even way beyond the "Big Five" (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain). It is understood that the Viewpoint values and philosophy are paramount and always reflected in this multi-cultural cooperation in order to meet the high quality standards our clients expect.

When it comes to the trust and confidence of our interviewees and survey participants, this is something we earn each day anew and with every new project. We provide individualized care and attention in a professional, yet relaxed environment. At a Viewpoint facility, both clients and survey participants alike will feel at ease.